Thursday, August 17, 2023

6pm CST (Replay Available)

Your #1 Skill to get a Promotion at work: Here's how to start doing it tomorrow.

Learn exactly how to use these three soft skills to be seen as a leader and get the promotion you deserve!

Exclusive Training Hosted Live By

Dr. Lakisha L. Simmons

PhD in Analytics

Early Retired at 41 Years Old with $900k

Does this sound like you?

I'm tired of not getting ahead at work. I want to be seen as the leader I am.

I deserve to be making more money!

I want to retire comfortably before 65. I'm currently not making enough to retire with at least the lifestyle I have now.

Let me show how to use three key soft skills that enabled me to be promoted to a senior position at a Fortune 500 company in my 20's! Even as a professor, I consistently achieved 5% merit increases year after year. Let me share my secrets that they don't teach you in any college class.

In this 60 minute FREE Masterclass, I’ll teach you:

Why soft skills are more important than any college degree.

My three soft skills that you have likely never been taught and how to use them at work tomorrow.

Why I wrote The Unlikely AchieveHer workbook for women to finally get ahead at work and in life.

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